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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 8, 2010 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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a few moments to the gulf coast. also developing story, the volcano in iceland is causing more trouble. most flights between europe and america are being delayed today because of a spreading cloud of volcanic ash. it is spreading across much of the northern atlantic, and some flights are being reruouted to avoid the 12-mile-long cloud, so that is adding time to some routes. some new signs of economic momentum with the white house pointing to a big boost on the jobs front. president obama is touting april's numbers which show the largest gain in employment in four years, but still the recovery remains fragile, although 290,000 jobs were added last month. the unemployment rate ticked higher to 9.9%. brian, good morning to you. >> morning, alex. >> so, what's coming out of the white house?
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there's good news but there is a caveat to it. >> there's good news, there's good news, and then there's some not so good news. let's start, of course, with the good news. better than expected shs actually. the white house says the economy added an extra 290,000 jobs. good news in itself. but there was some retroactive good news. february's numbers have been revised upwards so it seemsz we've actually been adding jobs to the economy, 150,000 over the last couple months. that is, of course, good news for businesses that are not feeling confident enough to start hiring again. but i guess the dark lining to this silver cloud is unemployed people have been feeling confident, too. sitting on the sidelines, not getting work, and counting on those unemployment numbers are out looking again. that has driven up the unemployment rate even as we're adding more jobs. president obama explained that contradiction. >> the unemployment rate picked up slightly from 9.7 to 9.9.
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given the strength of these job numbers, is may seem contradictory, but it's reflective of workers who dropped out of the work force entirely are now seeing jobs again. >> and the white house is very quick to say that many of these jobs are in the private sector, many of them in manufacturing, but rarely in all of the private sector. the white house, though, not popping any champagne korcorks,t celebrating, but certainly excited with the news. >> what's the president doing today? >> the president is off the books. he's probably going somewhere, but we'll see the motorcade and a couple cars off in the distance. >> not invited, huh? police in long island say they stopped an attack just days before graduation ceremonies. 17-year-old christopher franco
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and his girlfriend planned to buy shotguns, enter the schools and shoot down students and teachers. they obtained a cell phone and computer belonging to sellsman and said the two extensively investigated bomb making. they set june 28 as the day of attack at their high school there in long island. >> apparently mr. franco has a fair amount of hatred for students in his -- what was supposed to be his graduating class. >> both are charged with adults for conspiracy and they have pleaded not guilty. each could face a year in jail if convicted. in new york city, greater police presence in times square this week in another if he no one no one since last week's
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scare. the nypd called the bomb squad to dismantle what would turn out to be a cooler filled with water bottles. earlier they investigated a specific package found to be someone's lunch. they have received six false alarm calls since the attempt, and that is 50% more than usual. meanwhile, though, faisal shahzad is cooperating with police. jack rif is a criminal defense attorney and former cia officer. jack, good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> the suspect acted alone, yet you've got pakistan saying it has arrested four people in connection with shahzad, so it is too soon to be drawing conclusions yet? can the general be doing that at this point? >> yeah, i don't really know if you can. the problem here, and this is part of the investigation, there's the domestic side, there's the international side.
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what he may have been doing in pakistan may have the connection, so we have to look at that. we're looking for what the answer is. if there was a funding mechanism, as i understand, that's one person they're looking for right now as well here domestically, so that's critical. >> right, that's some sort of career. what about the financing overall of this alleged operation? we've got the "washington post" which notes that shahzad brought about $80,000 of cash in the u.s. between 1999 and 2008? do we know where that money came from and why it didn't raise e eyebrows? >> the thing is, if you bring in less than $10,000 at a time, you're probably not going to notice it. we have a guy who has no criminal convictions, no apparent connections to terrorism in any sense. he's an american citizen up to about a year ago, so he flies under the radar. everybody assumes he's, just, well, one of us. then all of a sudden we realize
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he's not. that's part of the problem. after the fact we start scratching our heads and wondering, why did we miss this, why did we miss that? on the other hand if we started opening up every single person who may look funny, who may look different, who may seem slightly off, then all of a sudden, we could have thousands and thousands of these, and that makes it very difficult, too. >> yeah. can we get into what's going on now with the interrogation process? this guy seems to be cooperating, he's said to be doing so, and talking and talking and talking and talking and then talking some more. so my question to you is, are we getting valuable information? i mean, i read one report that some federal investigators are rolling their eyes that this guy continues to talk. >> i agree with you, and this is also very, very important. when you're doing an interrogation, part of it is you just want to let the information flow. if it's coming out, you take down whatever you can get. however, i think you doubt everything. you have to cross-reference everything that he says. look, he can say i'm the one who
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planted this. i went to pakistan, i did that, by the way, i built the eiffel tower, too. sometimes it's about letting someone feel like they're poe t important and you're not. if that's an interrogation technique that works, you use it. at the end of the day, it's about getting actual intelligence. if you're not getting that, then you're wasting your time. >> never a waste of time with you, jack. thank very much. >> thank you. in the midwest, a may snowstorm greeted morning commuters in minnesota and northern south dakota. flurries left accumulations in some parts. for what we can expect today, let's get this weather channel forecast from bill carron. bill? >> we're going to see a big swing backwards. we had warmed up, it was so
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nice. look at the cold air that plunged across the country. this is probably the last blast we're going to see in the spring. some areas are going to see a freeze, including areas north of kansas city, back through wisconsin. we've got a little snow in northern michigan. as far as the worst weather, it's going to be right in the great lakes through new england as we go throughout today. that's where we'll see the heavier rain. the green is a lot of the light rain. and there's thunderstorms sweeping through new england. boston, providence, hartford, new york city, everyone has a chance of some wet weather as you go throughout your saturday. temperatures will be cooling off throughout the day. after the showers and storms move out, the winds will pick up, and it will be a windy day for the great lakes, up through new england. the southeast looks beautiful and much of the west coast also looks very nice on this saturday. i hope you have a wonderful weekend. enjoy. california police say an assault suspect is now in custody after leading officials
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on a high-chase pursuit for more than an hour. police were called after a dispute between a father and son. after an hour, the father finally pulled over. he threw a handgun out and was taken into custody. no one was injured in the incident. a farm in yuma, arizona may be the source of an e. coli outbreak that has hit students in three states. there was a massive outbreak in 23 states . it has sickened many people. are there any signs the containment technique is going to work in the gulf of mexico? looking for answers in the wall street plunge. should normal americans be worried about a possible glitch in the system? a student expected in the death of a star lacrosse player is telling police a different story. those details ahead. you're watching msnbc saturday.
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in about three hours, family and friends will say goodbye to a university of virginia lacrosse player who was found beaten to death earlier this week. the funeral for 22-year-old yardley love will take place in baltimore. dozens of people gathered yesterday in a home in baltimore for a viewing. another lacrosse player has been charged with first-degree murder, but this morning there are growing questions about what exactly happened. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. >> what is the latest you're hearing in terms of the investigation of yardley's ex-boyfriend? >> investigators have gone into george's home. they have pulled out computers, notebooks, letters, evidence of that nature. they're starting their interview
7:14 am
process at this point. they're interviewing family members, friends, people that knew about the relationship and that there may have been problems before. to sort of create a timeline, up until the point of this incident earlier this week. >> okay. so what about george cooley and his attorneys. what do they say happened? >> earlier this week, hughley was in court. he did not enter a plea. he is expected to be back in court june 10th, and we'll find out then how the investigation is expected to go on their side. >> i'm curious how much of the past will be brought into this. hughley has a past. back in 2009, he attacked a lacrosse teammate after hearing he had kissed love. are officials saying much about
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his past in regards to relationships? >> they're not commenting, but as we know in all the reports that have come out, there have been many people that have come out to talk about an incident in 2008 with his father that apparently happened on a boat where he lost his temper and jumped overboard. there was a few other incidents where he was arrested and actually had a couple of charges against him and threatened the lives of a police officer and another police officer that was there and he had to be tased to be controlled and seemed to be apparently reportedly surprised at his actions the next day. and really didn't understand what had happened because of his drunken state. if that is the case, and also if that was the case in this particular incident, again, allegedly he is only charged at this time, there may have been -- he may have some sort of drir drinking problem which leads him to black out and be able to do things to other people and that he may not realize his strength at the time. so i do think other things will
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be taken into consideration, past instances, cases, people, character witnesses will be able to come forward in this case. >> okay. as always, thank you very much, michelle segona. >> have a good day. >> you, too. they fired two short-range military missiles today. the military said it was to boost missile capabilities. the tough new immigration law to a mexican university. they're halting immigration plans at the university of arizona. plus an honor for two street vendors who helped police discover a car bomb in times square on saturday. the two men were given a standing ovation in citi field before a mets game. they then watched the game behind home plate. new details this morning on what might have caused the deadly explosion triggering the massive oil leak in the gulf of mexico. a bubble of methane gas and a
7:17 am
failure of fail-safe equipment apparently is what caused that deadly explosion. right now crews are waiting for a 110-ton concrete and steel box to settle around that mud and the ruptured well to contain most of that gushing oil. correspondent ann thompson is live for us in venice, louisiana. ann, good morning to you. what's the latest on this containment effort? >> reporter: good morning, alex. as you said, the cruiser keeping a very close eye on that containment dome. it was placed over the leak site late yesterday afternoon. it is now settling into the sea floor, and so far things are going as planned, and that is very, very good news. because this technique has never been tested at these depths, 5,000 feet below the surface of the sea. once that dome settles, and you will have noticed there are flaps, if you will, about halfway down on the dome, and they are to protect the dome from sinking completely in the
7:18 am
mud. once it settles and it is stable, then crews will begin to connect a pipe to the top of the dome, and that pipe will go from the top of the dome up to a vessel on the surface of the ocean. and then once that happens, they hope they will be able to pump oil from the sea bed up to the vessel on the surface of the sea. and if they are able to do that, it wouldn't completely stop the leak but it would certainly truncate it dramatically. because where they have placed this first dome is over a leak that's putting about 85% of the oil into the slick, and if this works, then they'll put that second dome over the second leak. so the next 48 hours are truly going to be crucial here as they try to find some way to stop this massive slick that keeps growing into the gulf, and it keeps having huge impacts down here along the coast of louisiana. on friday -- excuse me; on thursday night, the state of
7:19 am
louisiana closed the shrimping beds west of the mississippi. as you know, fishing has been closed all along the state waters east of the mississippi and seafood is a crucial industry down here, as is charter boat fishing. and communities like venice have been impacted severely by this oil spill, even though oil has yet to reach its shores. alex? >> yeah. you know what, ann, you're saying at the top of your report a whole bunch of ifs and we hope and all that, and you said 48 hours. granted we know this hasn't been done before at this level under the ocean of nearly a mile down, but is anybody looking beyond 48 hours from now if this does not work, what next? >> reporter: yes, they are. truly, we are in a situation where bp is trying to invent itself out of this problem, if you will. if the containment dome doesn't work, then they are looking at two other options, alex.
7:20 am
the first is to essentially take rubber cuttings and clog the leak. that would be the first thing they would try. if that doesn't work, they are talking about putting another blowout preventer on top of the blowout preventer that isn't working and to see if they could get the second one to work to curtail the leak. so they are looking beyond this, and as they do all of this, a relief well is being drilled at the site. the problem with the relief well, that is a tried and tested way of stopping the leak, but it takes two to three months. and we have just seen in the last 17 days what all this oil has done to the gulf. can you imagine what it would look like after two to three months? >> don't even want to consider it. but with 3 million gallons of oil already spilled, we don't want to go there. we don't have to. ann thompson, thank you so much. still ahead, no clearances as to what caused the market mayhem on thursday. so how worried should you be about a flaw in the u.s. trading system? this is msnbc saturday.
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. on tuesday, congress will hold a hearing into the massive market plunge this week that briefly sent the dow jones down nearly 1,000 points. our chief investment strategist at forbes, john, it's good to see you. do you have an easy answer? the experts say there's a bunch of different theories. what are you thinking? >> investors were nervous. we went through a rough period in 2009, so i think investors were ready to sell. right now what's being blamed is the so-called fat finger where a trader accidentally hit the wrong key on a keyboard and caused panic, everybody freaked out. everything is computerized now, so there weren't really a lot of human beings saying wait a minute, this doesn't look right, so all the programs started kicking in and selling. >> what about what happened overseas? the pictures of the riot with greece and the talk about the economy tumbling and the eu
7:25 am
having to bail it out and people wondering if that would affect us. how much did that affect what happened on thursday? >> i think it affected it a lot. there were pictures of the rioting going on in greece on the trading floors at the same time we had the selloff. so that was another factor that ma made investors nervous. greece has been in the news for a while, and it's not just greece, there are several other countries with the same fear. you put all that together, you have a bunch of investors looking for a reason to sell, and when it came, it came with a vengeance. >> i know we talked about eu countries, spain, portugal. how about the united states? >> that's a good question. in fact, our debt is very high right now. we have, obviously, more debt than greece does because we have a much bigger economy. if you look at the debt as a percentage of gdp, we're at about 90% which is the highest level we've been in since world war ii, greece is at 115%.
7:26 am
so we're not really that far behind. there is no question we have way too much debt and we need to pare it down. >> how much does greece's debt affect us? >> not that much because greece is very small. their economy is only about 340 billion, ours is more than 14 trillion. that's a very small country. but the fact it is a country in the eu and now there are many eu countries balking at whether they should save greece or not, this causes investors a lot of concern, and there is a fear that the euro may actually collapse. >> you would think that jobs, jobs, jobs being topic number one, the fact that we added almost 300,000 jobs last month, that the dow would have reacted positively, and in fact, it ended down, what, 140 points yesterday? why is that? >> the 290,000 unemployment rate figure was certainly good news, but if you look at it in perspective, it was expected. you see the stock market rally in anticipation of an improvement, and everybody was
7:27 am
anticipating we would eventually see good job growth. so when the figure came through, there was a bit of selling on the news. people who weren't actively looking for work have now suddenly jumped in and they're now looking. >> it sounds a little better. let's get back in the game, then. >> exactly. >> always good to see you. thank you for joining us. thousands of gallons of oil continue to leak into the gulf of mexico. will that 110-ton box be the answer to stopping it? and if not, we have to talk about plan b. that story next on msnbc saturday. 
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it's msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. a methane gas explosion is now believed to be the cause of the deadly oil explosion in the gulf of mexico. the disastrous flooding in tennessee is in focus this morning. janet napolitano and the head of
7:31 am
fema will be touring the state. the damage there could exceed $100 billion. president obama getting ready to announce his choice for the supreme court. the announcement could come at any time. e. coli poisoning linked to lettuce has made at least 19 people sick in three states. the recalled lettuce was sold mostly to food services in wholesale companies in 23 states and the district of columbia. the coast guard rescued a california man stranded on an isolated beach for five days after falling off a cliff. the man wrote the word "help" in the sand to get attention. a fishing vessel spotted him yesterday. those are your fast five headlines. let's get more on the new developments in the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. right now crews are waiting for that 110-ton concrete and steel box to completely sink into that mud. the next step will be to connect a hose and pipeline so the gushing oil can then be siphoned about a mile up the surface to a
7:32 am
waiting tanker. joining me now is oil expert with texas a&m university, corpus christi, and a good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's see the timing of all this. as you know, wes, we've had thousands and thousands and thousands of gallons spilling into the gulf over these last nearly three weeks now. why did we see this box, 110-ton box, just be lowered to the ocean floor now? >> probably because there wasn't one already made, and there's probably going to be a lot of discussion about that. a similar tool was used during the exxon spill in 1979 for the first time and it was called the sombrero and was set down over the well. it didn't work the first time but did the second. >> wes, was bp totally ill-prepared for an accident of this magnitude? >> no, i don't think so. they amassed a lot of people and
7:33 am
a lot of resources in a hurry. of course, there is always hindsight we can look at and determine other things we could have done better. i'm sure they're in that mode now, but it's the pressure of getting it all in one spot and doing things appropriately now to take care of this situation. >> do we have a full understanding of what happened, what caused this, and if so, how to prevent it from ever happening again? >> well, i just heard the latest, i guess, that it's possibly a methane explosion, which is not uncommon with leaks, and they had all kinds of detectors to take care of that sort of thing from the platforms. but the failure at the bottom with the blowout is pretty unprecedented. the only one i'm aware of was
7:34 am
in the southern gulf of mexico in 1979. looking at perspective, again, there are only 79 platforms that have been mounted in the gulf of mexi mexico. apply that several times to 20 or 30,000 wells that have been built. >> this is a big one. even with the concrete and steel box over it and the oil being siphoned up to a waiting tanker, if -- a big if for this to work; we hope it does -- how long will this oil be gushing? >> in the exxon valdez spill, it took nine months before the got stopped. bp is telling us they hope to be able to stop it within 90 days with the new well that's being drilled. that's still speculation now, but that's kind of the timeline we have. >> just real quickly, wes, this oil that might be siphoned to a
7:35 am
waiting tanker, is that usable oil, or is it all just wasted? >> no, it can be used, it can be refined. >> that's good news. not all is lost to some degree. thank you. >> thank you. a severe storm in missouri left residents with plenty of clean-up. the powerful storm dachblmaged least 75 homes in the town of lewiston. let's get the forecast from weather channel bill karins. good morning, bill. >> may is the peak of our tornado season. it's pretty quiet and will continue to be this weekend. all those little dots on the map, the green and the blue ones, those are where we have severe weather reports. we got hit pretty good from toledo right through cleveland. numerous reports of large hail and also damaging winds. today i don't expect a lot of severe weather out there. we just have a few thunderstorms that are going to sweep through
7:36 am
new england in the first half of the day, and in the afternoon, it's a relatively quiet saturday. we like this. storms in new york, boston, hartford, but the second half of the day should be dry in most locations. the worst of it will be this morning. the southeast, you look nice today. 74 in atlanta, beautiful. orlando at 91, phoenix at 96. the pacific northwest, a very nice weekend. your mother's day forecast, not too many complaints. many areas look dry, temperatures are going to be comfortable, but it will be windy and cool up there in new england. all the moms like you, alex, hope you have a wonderful weekend. >> aww, bill, appreciate that. for all your weather, be sure to head to rob bickert and debbie lahardy were asked to step down on friday.
7:37 am
they were allegations the rmc asked donors to attend a ball. encouraging words this morning about the direction gas prices may be headed, and that would be down. the current national average is $2.92 a gallon, which is 75 cents more than we paid last year at this time. one leading expert said next month we could be paying less than we did last june. the reason is a recent drop in oil prices, despite the gulf oil spill. she already had 13 procedures, but now heidi montag is going under the knife again. his wife is scheduling even more plastic surgery. joining me now is a spoexwoman.
7:38 am
do you know why heidi montag says she needs or wants more plastic surgery? >> spencer told us heidi is desperate to get more breast augmentation. she already has an f cup. what spurred this is apparently an appearance she made on ryan seacrest's show last month. apparently ryan said to her, your breasts actually don't look that big to me. she had come under such fire because of people criticizing all these procedures she had done. apparently she took this the wrong way. she went on a downhill spiral since then and is determined to go overseas to make her breasts even larger from 700 cc's to 800 cc's. >> overseas? >> overseas. >> a doctor here won't do it? >> apparently her breasts are so big, a doctor here won't do it.
7:39 am
it's very disturbing. spencer also told "lifetime weekly" that he thinks she's fine the way she is, and if it was up to her, she would have a plastic surgeon move in with her. she also wants to get her lips pumped up again. >> i have to tell you, i taped an episode of "the hill." she at one point said she wanted to get an h cup. we're going now to the headlines from actor charlie sheen. he may be spending time behind bars? what's that about? >> this stems from the infamous christmas morning arrest after he allegedly threatened his wife with a knife. there are still legal proceedings going on and they want to keep this out of the courtroom, so they are working on a plea deal. apparently charlie's lawyers
7:40 am
want him to spend about ten days in jail, her lawyer wants about 30. but they don't want a lengthy probation so somebody doesn't try to ex tort him, because he's got a big bull's-eye on him right now. what about justin beiber? >> poor justinbeiber. if you remember, he was doing an interview with a guy from new zealand who had a pretty thick accent, and he asked him, is beiber german for basketball. and justin couldn't figure out what he was talking about for the life of him. so people were saying he doesn't know what german is. and he says, of course, i know what german is, my grandfather was german, i did an interview with a german station.
7:41 am
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a funeral will be held in baltimore this morning for uva senior yeardley love. hundreds are expected to attend the sfrs fervice for the lacros player on monday. what's the latest? >> reporter: hi, alex. yeah, they expect a huge turnout here, of course. we're not just talking about friends and family. as you mentioned, hundreds and hundreds of relatives and friends will be here, but also strangers in some cases. people who didn't even know yeardley, people who watched it play out on television and just
7:45 am
had to be here to say goodbye. >> yeardley love will be laid to rest here monday, a short life put to an end by her boyfriend, george hughley. >> i've been crying for days on end. no mother, nobody should ever have to go through this. >> i just think of so much outpouring of sympathy to the family. i think it says a lot about yeardley. >> the family provided the fbi with new pictures of yeardley, taken just a month before her murder. they call her an angel and say they can't imagine life without her. they say she was beaten, presumably, to death by george hughley, her on-again, off-again
7:46 am
boyfriend. hughley has a longer criminal record than first thought. in 2008, hughley jumped off his father's yacht in florida while drunk. he had to be rescued from the ocean. in 2007, he had another run-in with police, charged with possession of an alcoholic beverage by a minor. he was also arrested in virginia for public swearing and intoxication and resisting arrest. university officials say they had no idea. >> let me say first there are a number of depths in this situation that concern me. >> reporter: but now lawmakers, including virginia's governor, are considering a tough new law allowing police to make arrests. too late for yeardley love, honored friday in a wake, laid to rest today in a private service and remembered forever by those who loved her.
7:47 am
>> that glimmer in her eye just speaks volumes about her personality. she was truly a wonderful girl. >> reporter: the mass begins this morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. it's a couple hours from now. you have to keep in mind this family has been through so much in the last through years. yeardley's father died of cancer a few years ago, now yeardley and tomorrow is mother's day. wall street is still trying to figure out what caused a plunge yesterday. and women still aren't sure when they're supposed to get checked with a mammogram. hales deeply ] that's last night's dinner. [ male announcer ] hate lingering odors? [ baby cries ] ♪ [ male announcer ] febreze air effects actually eliminates odors caused by bacteria
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like most homeowners, a woman in long island, new york, faced years and years of mortgage payments, but suddenly she doesn't have to pay another cent and now she gets to keep her home. we explain.
7:51 am
>> reporter: the view from the front window was especially satisfying on this her 48th birthday. you see, she's living every homeowner's dream. >> it's the best birthday present i ever received. >> reporter: that present is her lake view home, the one the receptionist bought from her late parents ten years ago. nassau judge john galaso in essene essence canceled her $144,000 mortgage, basically because the paperwork for that mortgage has been lost. >> it's in a black hole. it's gone into deep, deep black space. it's gone. >> reporter: how could a mortgage be lost? the specifics are unclear. but we do know getten's initial lending company went out of business and its assets have been bought and sold several times by a number of other banks. but getten says from day one, no one wanted to take her mortgage checks. >> they got the manager, and the manager got on the phone. and said, ma'am, you must be calling the wrong bank. you must be calling the wrong mortgage company, because you
7:52 am
don't have an account here. >> reporter: the whole case came to a head when getten's went to court to claim sole ownership of her home and no bank showed up to oppose her action. >> i just could not believe that this saga was over. >> reporter: jpmorgan chase the bank getten said should be holding her mortgage had no comment. now she said she can live in peace in the only place she's ever called home. >> that was my parents' house. they purchased it in 1961 and my parents are looking over at me right now making sure that nothing happens to their home. >> all right. well, good story there. meantime, new concern this week when women should be getting their first mammograms. a u.s. representative -- preventive services a s task fo announced that most women should only get their first mammogram at 50 and every other year following that, but critics say it may delay the diagnosis of breast cancer of women in their 40s if not earlier. joining me is the chief of
7:53 am
mammography from the university hospital, case medical center. good morning. >> good morning. >> where do the guidelines stand and do you agree with them? >> the guidelines from the american cancer society and the american college of radiology is that patients should start at the age of 40, and i do agree with that. the task force that came out in november did recommend at the age of 50 that patients start screening mammography, but i agree with the american college of radiology and the american cancer society. >> why the discrepancy here? >> well, actually, they looked at the number of patients who would be saved by screening mammography, and they thought that the number of patients saved between the ages of 40 and 49 were not enough. we disagree and we think that there are enough patients saved by screening mammography. we find cancers much earlier when we screen patients with mammography. we find them before they're felt and we find them early enough so
7:54 am
that the cure rates are very good. >> okay. how much is family history into play here? and if someone has a family history of breast cancer, do they, then, not have to pay attention to guidelines and they just go forward early with mammograms? >> it depends on the family history. myself, my mother and three of her sisters had breast cancer, but the age that they had their breast cancer and the fact that they do not have the breast cancer gene or mutation, means that i did not need to start earlier than the age of 40. however, if a patient has a brca mutation in their family tree, then it is important for them to be screened early. the other thing that patients need to realize is that mammography is not the only tool we have for screening patients who are younger. patients who are brca positive according to the american cancer society should be also screened a screening mri yearly. that is a much more sensitive tool. it's not a tool that we use in
7:55 am
the general population, but it is a tool that we use in patients who are at much higher risk for breast cancer. >> okay. but, again, the reason for not just erring on the side of caution and giving women peace of mind early than, say, 50, still in the guidelines, granted, i know you agree that 40 should be the baseline, is it just because they feel it's a waste of money? is that what this is all coming down to? >> you know, money was not brought up in that task force recommendation, but it makes one wonder if they're thinking of rationing health care in the future and i think that we save enough lives between the ages of 40 and 49. we decrease mortality rates between 15% to 35% in that age group. they did agree that we did save lives in that age group, but for some reason they thought that the number of lives saved was not enough. >> i'll tell you, on this mother's day weekend, it's just one mother can be saved, it makes a world of difference.
7:56 am
>> we agree, thank you. >> we appreciate it. >> happy mother's day. >> you, too. the giant dome over the leaking oil well is in place, but when will the oil begin to be siphoned? from the pollen that used to make me sneeze, my eyes water. with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i get allergy relief at liquid speed. that's the fast, powerful relief of zyrtec®, now in a liquid gel. zyrtec® is the fastest 24-hour allergy medicine. it works on my worst symptoms so i'm ready by the time we get to the first hole. new zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. communities. industry. energy.
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developing now, progress on containing that huge oil spill, but how much can the dome being lowered into gulf waters actually help stop the leak? a wild ride that one-day wall street plunge raises big questions, but will the mystery ever be solved? why did the markets fall so fast? we'll ask experts. palin in the primary, the former alaska governor faces a backlash after weighing in on a hot senate race out west. plus, fleets str s sleep s. people that don't get enough sleep are said to die faster according to experts. two big developments this morning in the massive oil leak in


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